Unimaginable Features of Future iPhones

The technology that Apple brought in for iOS devices is very interactive and intelligent. Apple gadgets mostly come up with the stack of uncertainty. All we want to have is additional storage space, higher RAM (Random Access Memory), long-lasting batteries, larger screens. Apple has already built SiriKit to have smarter language recognizing tool. This SiriKit can be used to integrate with Siri and Apple Maps.

Here given below, are some of the best unthinkable features of next-gen iPhone:

1. iPhones serve as personal doctor to track your health status

Internet penetration has moved everyone to a next level in every aspect of life. Now, everyone is much aware of healthy diets and their health. They have become valetudinarian. But the future technology will be that in which you have not to ask every time what should I do for headache treatment and more questions than answers. It will be like your permanent personal doctor to tailor for providing precise measurements for your healthcare and wellbeing. Contact points equipped in the iOS devices could be used to grasp the electrical measurements. Thereby meaning is that iPhone could offer the data on blood pressure (high or low), oxygen saturation and many more.  

The company has collaborated with Stanford Medicine to the application for using the heart rate sensor featured tool in the Apple Watch. It will check the cardiac arrhythmia (a primary cause of cardiac stroke in the USA) if a user is suffering from it.

2. Future Apple gadgets scanning your veins for Face ID

Apple touched the great height with the facial recognition system called as Face ID. This technology employs the specific hardware components like dot projector, infrared camera, TrueDepth camera along with bionic processors. But every technology has its remaining improvement part which takes a course of time for further advancement.

Future iPhone might come with pulsed radiation technology for scanning the veins within your skin for the purpose of Face ID. Similar to fingerprints, patterns of veins are unique so, it would be impractical even to think to unlock face lock.

3. Invisible fingerprint sensors for unlocking your iPhone

In many instances, it is baffled to pick the phone for facial recognition to unlock the phone. In this case, unlocking the phone with the fingerprint is vital. In future tech iPhone, you might see the in-display biometric sensor to unlock the phone.

4. Next-gen Apple gadgets along with wraparound screen

In facts, Apple has already filed the patents regarding the wraparound displays for next-generation iPhone. By this, Apple might be looking forward to launching a fordable flexible OLED screen around the shell of iPhone and will then affix it with the coating of long-lasting glass.

5. Roll up your iPhone It is crazy to imagine for rolling up your iPhone and tossing it like a coin. This retractable and roll-able screen is much mysterious patent. Apple Insider marks out that its design looks like to have the dual cameras at a distant. It would be rhapsodic for clicking stereoscopic images. One can ponder too much that what will be the cleansing mechanism to clean the gadget if it is rolled repeatedly. Here, there will be rotating brush which will clean display automatically when it wrap into place.

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